ROCK YOUR LIFE! Schweiz is a non-profit, educational initiative that is driven by the RYL! CH GmbH, a Berne based company. RYL! targets socially disadvantaged teenagers from backgrounds with weak educational support and connects them with university students specially trained to help the teenager’s transition into professional life. RYL! CH further maintains relationships with several partner companies that give the teenagers an opportunity to get an early and in-depth insight into various professions.

Target groups
RYL! CH provides professional and sustainable solutions for the individual and common goals of its three main customers:

Disadvantaged Teenagers discover their potential and set goals for their future. RYL! CH enhances their chances to take up skills and find an appropriate apprenticeship in a conscientious company.  
University Students benefit from a professional coaching/mentoring training and have the opportunity to gain experience as a mentor. The social competence acquired is a valuable asset in view of their future business endeavours.
Partnering Businesses get connected with highly motivated, self-assured potential young employees, which add to long-term corporate success.

Background & Scope
RYL! CH’s aim is to contribute to a more just society by reducing educational inequality. Even in an advanced country like Switzerland, educational inequality is a common phenomena in some areas, notably areas with high percentage of immigrant population. RYL was founded on the belief that every child should have the same opportunites independently of origin or social background.

RYL! CH GmbH started out in Berne in summer 2013 with a still on going pilot project during which 22 university students were selected and trained as mentors. 22 teenagers from the suburban area of Berne (Bethlehem and Ostermundigen) were matched with the mentors. The 8th graders meet with their mentors 2–4 times per month and work together on goals related to their future plans in professional and private life. RYL! CH is currently expanding to other Swiss cities with new local organizations being created in Zurich, Basel and St. Gallen.

The ROCK YOUR LIFE! mentors effectively help disadvantaged teenagers unfold their potential. Mentors provide support in setting professional and educational goals on the transition to upper secondary education.

We are proactive, solution-oriented networkers with various backgrounds. Our field of competence covers economical, social, and educational issues.

Are you interested?
RYL! CH is continuously working to expand its team and to secure a financial basis. Learn more about our organisation. If you become a sponsor for our organisation you will be supporting an initiative for educational equality, equal opportunities and social cohesion. Please do not hesitate to contact us at .(Javascript muss aktiviert sein, um diese E-Mail-Adresse zu sehen).